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Paper & marouflage

IMG_7480_DxO-detailI generally paint on handmade bamboo paper and on mulberry paper. Both are beautiful. Once the painting is finished, it is pasted on linen; the linen is then stretched on a wooden frame and the painting is ready to hang. The pasting on linen is called marouflage. Because of the characteristics of the paper, marouflage clearly is a delicate process. To give you an idea of what it involves I found a video on You Tube. In this video the marouflage concerns just a small piece of (rice) paper, but it gives an idea. For larger paintings it is wise to use a pressure table. When a painting has been treated this way, the form and texture of the paper remain visible, which creates an attractive result. Most of the paintings I sell, include the marouflage process on linen canvas.




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